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Who are the Sons of Confederate Veterans?

Founded in 1896, to continue the work of their fathers’ fraternal organization, the SCV recognized that the day was soon coming when there would be no more Confederate veterans left to speak for themselves. Like our ancestors in the UCV, The Mississippi Division Sons of Confederate Veterans are loyal, patriotic citizens of the United States and oppose any groups with contrary objectives. 

Statement of Purpose

We, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, having been commissioned by the Confederate Veterans themselves, retain our responsibility and right to adhere to the founding principles of the United States of America remembering the bravery,
defending the honor and protecting the memory of our beloved Confederate Veterans, which includes their memorials, images, symbols, monuments and gravesites for ourselves and future generations.



All male descendants of those who served in the Confederate Army or Navy to the end of the war, who died in prison or while in actual service, who were killed in battle or who were honorably retired or discharged shall be eligible for membership.




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