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Bricks for Beauvoir

Bricks for Beauvoir is an on-going fundraiser for the Beauvoir property. We are down to the last 100 bricks till we reach the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Which will end phase one of the project. The brick project is ongoing.  ATM Councilman, Chuck McMichael, offered the following resolution in support of the Monument: “Be it resolved that the Sons of Confederate Veterans does hereby endorse fully, the Monument to the Unknown Soldier and gives its wholehearted support for the concerted efforts of the Mississippi Division, SCV.” The GEC gave unanimous consent and support to the project, and to continue the legacy of Beauvoir. By purchasing an Ancestral Memorial Brick for just $50.00 each, your money will go to rebuilding a national treasure. Each brick will be laid, memorializing your ancestor, in a plaza around the Tomb of the Unknown Confederate Soldier at Beauvoir.

More information can be found at:

If you would like to purchase a brick, please make your check out to:

Bricks for Beauvoir

2244 Beach Blvd

Biloxi, MS 39531

(228) 388-4400

Pvt. Hardy Seller's Brick



Commander Jeff Barnes and his lovely wife, Neecy, and  longtime Division Adjutant, Dan McCaskill and his lovely wife, Anne, are holding the bricks just engraved and ready to be placed in the Bricks for Beauvoir project for the initial stage between the UDC Archway and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The Walkway from the UDC Archway to the Tomb of the Unknown Confederate Soldier at the Beauvoir Cemetery is down to 29 more bricks spaces after the placement of this 21.  If you have been waiting for the last minute, this is the last minute.


The 21 bricks will be placed at the conclusion of the Confederate Memorial Service at Beauvoir in two weeks.  If one of those bricks is yours or you have an interest in one (or more) you are welcome to place the brick yourself.  Just be at the closing ceremony of the Confederate Memorial Service at Beauvoir on that day. 


No doubt, the last 29 bricks will have been sold by the Division Reunion, which is coincidentally at Beauvoir this year.  While the Division Reunion’s last official act is the Memorial Service on Sunday morning, it is usually lightly attended.  Not this time.  Come one, come all, the very last brick on this monumental project will be placed then.


Come on out that morning and celebrate your achievement.


We lived the Charge!  We always have.


Greg Stewart

The Last 100 Campaign




The Bricks for Beauvoir, Walkway (Phase I), has officially entered its final Stage: The Last 100 Campaign. It is a defining moment at our beloved Beauvoir that could never have happened without your dedication and support.


On Sunday, June 10, 2018, immediately following the Mississippi Division Reunion’s Sunday morning service in the Beauvoir Cemetery, the final bricks will be placed. Those bricks engraved in this last stage can be placed by the person ordering them (or their designee) at the Final Brick Placement Ceremony. This will give donors an opportunity to personally participate in this solemn occasion to honor their ancestor(s).  On behalf of the Board of Directors of Beauvoir I want to extend my personal appreciation to all Division members and friends who have participated in this worthy project. I also want to encourage all of you, who have not yet purchased a brick, to seriously consider doing so.


As many of you already know, the Walkway was always just the initial phase, of the Cemetery Enhancement Project, to recognize our ancestors and pay tribute to the Unknown Confederate Soldier.  Phase II is currently in the planning stage and we will share that information with you once a plan is finalized. Your ideas and input are important, so please communicate them to the Directors and Trustees during the next several months as we begin the conversation about what should be next.


I would like to express my appreciation to Compatriot Greg Stewart, whom the Board of Directors unanimously selected as Ambassador for the Bricks for Beauvoir, Phase I Project. He has worked tirelessly and without remuneration, to coordinate the engraving, provide transportation, brick placement and indexing for the Walkway. His commitment to completing Phase I is exceptional.


J.Owen McDowell


Beauvoir Board of Directors


Deo Vin Dice

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