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June 6-8, 2014 2014 Division Reunion,

hosted by Col. W.P. Rogers Camp 321
Corinth, Miss.

July 16-19 2014 National Reunion

hosted by the 10th Brigade, South Carolina Division
North Charleston, S.C.

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Future Reunions
The 2014 Division Reunion will be held June 6-8, 2014 in Corinth hosted by Col W P Rogers Camp 321

The 2014 National Reunion will be held July 16-19, 2014 in North Charleston, SC hosted by 10th Brigade, South Carolina Division

The 2015
Division Reunion will be held June 5-7, 2015 in Columbus hosted by Gen William Barksdale Camp 1220

Any camp wishing to host a future Division Reunion should contact:

Randy Hailey, Chairman
Time and Place Committee


10:00 AM
 War Memorial Building
Jackson, MS

For some unknown reason our internet service provider shut us down for several days. (Their invoice to us is paid by bank draft so it wasn't unpaid invoices and they so admitted.)

After many telephone calls, leave words (which were never returned) I finally got our site back up only to learn that it would not accept uploads. So after another round of communications with this "communications" company the site was evidently functioning.  However, for reason unknown to anyone, there are several pages missing and several obsolete pages reposted. We are working toward a full correction, if you have information that has been deleted or incorrectly posted, please advise.

Would you believe?
Following all the above hassles beginning June 02 and assurances that the site was corrected, on June 20 it again would not accept uploads! Though several more telephone calls, leave words, etc, on June 22 they advised they had changed the username and the password. Thanks for advising me!

Guess what!
Trying to upload on the morning of June 22 I found that the new user name and password lead to an empty file!  Mid afternoon June 22, following many more phone calls it is believed the site is working again. Browsing the site for a couple of hours I not only found obsolete stuff of our own but also pages that did not belong on our site.

Since that time we have been off the web more than once requiring several calls to NTS to restore, then even more calls before data could be uploaded to the site.

Almost mid August and we're still finding problems!!! None of the Research links worked. I've been able to restore most of the primary links but very few, if any, of the links to Mississippi Unit Histories work. I brought this to the attention on NTS on July 30 and about every other day since but thus far nothing has been corrected.

Should you find any non-SCV pages, notice that any pages are missing or find non-working links please notify


After more than two weeks fooling with NTS's "no service" with their representatives sympathizing while they said "someone will call you about it". Until last week no one bothered to call. They then offered to fix the problem they created for a fee and proceeding to advise how terrible our html coding was written (wonder why it worked so good until they got hold of it).

Not wanting to pay them for the problem they caused and not wanting them to make more problems I have, in the last several days, repaired all the malfunctioning links, especially those on If you find any not working please notify me at the above address. I have not yet repaired the images but at least the historical info is available.

Because of the time required to repair the damage done the updating of several pages has fallen behind please bear with us as we endeavor to bring you complete information on the Mississippi Division and Mississippi History. Thank you.


Ten months later and we're still having trouble, the readers never know if they can get our site and even when we get to our own site we are, many times, unable to upload. When we can finally get all the damage repaired we'll have to consider a new host.

news but still important



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