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News and Events from Around the Division

New Host

We are now on another host and thus far there have been no problems reported.  In a parting shot NTS cut us off several days before the end of the time for which they had been paid.  No problem - I reconstructed the site from backups - until I discovered I didn’t have backups for about 2/3's of the Mississippi History units.  Fortunately Balmy Jim Huffman had backups.  Unfortunately they were in an old Microsoft format that Microsoft no longer has a program that would open them (another reason I detest Microsoft).

I had to open each one with WordPerfect (imagine that - a Corel program that can open antiquated Microsoft documents), reformat it, convert it to html before posting.  Another time consuming chore!!  Almost two months.

I believe that all Mississippi Units are listed and all links are working.

We will in the next few weeks be adding four new features.

If you find errors, have updates to post or have other informational data to post contact

Upcoming Events


June 5-7, 2015  Division Reunion

hosted by Gen William Barksdale Camp 1220
Columbus, MS

Electronic Jeff Davis Legion
Full Color Winter 2014 Issue now on line CLICK HERE;

To view the extensive MississippiSCV site click

As requested by many members

is available electronically.
  Click on above masthead to access electronic JDL

Future Reunions
The 2015 Division Reunion will be held June 5-7, 2015 in Columbus hosted by Gen William Barksdale Camp 1220

Any camp wishing to host a future Division Reunion should contact:

Randy Hailey, Chairman
Time and Place Committee


10:00 AM
 War Memorial Building
Jackson, MS

Old news but still important
Good News Finally

Over the past four or five years we have been going through host after host because of telecom buyouts and mergers.  All went well until an outfit NTSCommunications bought our hosting.  Since that time we’ve had nothing but trouble.  They put us on another server supposedly to “improve service” but in doing so they obliterated our website.  When they finally got it back up very few links worked.  They offered to fix it but wanted a fee for doing so.

I finally got most of the links working but we were still plagued with random outages, and ftp outages where noone could open the website nor could I upload any new or revised pages.

I could have changed the domain name using a different host, and had a new host in a matter of days but in polling a few members I found that they did not want a new domain and frankly neither did I.

None of the administrative files of mississippiscv had been updated.  In updating I found the network solutions and the ICAAN administrative files had not been updated since inception in the ‘90's.  The original registrant is deceased, the original host is out of business, and so on for 97 lines.  All this had to be researched and submitted before we could change the password to unlock the domain.  Needless to say it was time consuming!

I apologize for the outages you might have experienced but - - - finally - - - all the administrative files are updated and we now using a new host.  One that I’ve used for years with other sites and never had one iota of downtime.

The website is up and running but not yet fully functional because I am going through each page, checking links, correcting other errors and cleaning out superfluous antiquated files.  A slow process so please bear with me.  If there are any pages you need soon please advise me at and I will get them up.

Thanks for your patience and understanding

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