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1st Alabama, Tennessee, & Mississippi

1st Regt, Mississippi Cavalry

1st Mississippi Light Artillery

1st Bn, Miss. Sharp Shooters

1st Regt, Mississippi Cavalry


1st Confederate Infantry

1st Bn, Miss. Cav. (Miller's)


1st Battalion State Troops Cav. (Dunn's)


1st Bn, Miss. Cav. Reserves (Denis')


1st Miss. State Troops Cav. (Blythe's)


1st Bn, Miss. State Troops Cav. Res.


1st Confederate Veterans Infantry

1st Regt, Partisan Rangers

4th Louisiana Battery

1st Mississippi & Tennessee Battalion

1st Choctaw Bn, Miss. Cavalry


1st Regt, Miss. Inf.

1st Regiment Reserves (Denis')


1st Mississippi Valley Regiment

2nd Battalion, Mississippi Cavalry


2nd Battalion State Cavalry (Harris')


2nd Bn. Miss. State Troops Cav. Res.


2nd Battalion, Miss. Infantry

2nd Regt, Miss. Cavalry


2nd Regt, Miss. Inf.

2nd Regt, Miss. State Troops Cavalry (30-Day, 1864)

14th Bn, Mississippi Light Artillery

2nd Confederate Regiment

2nd Miss. Partisan Rangers Cavalry


2nd Miss. Partisan Rangers (Blythe's)


3rd Consolidated Miss. Inf.

2nd MS State Cavalry (Smith's/Lowry's)

11th Battalion Miss. Heavy Artillery

3rd Regt, Miss. Inf.

3rd Bn, Miss. State Cavalry


3rd Bn Miss. State Cavalry Res.


4th Confederate Infantry

3rd Regt, Miss. Cavalry

Bradford's Battery

4th Regt, Miss. Inf.


Brookhaven Light Artillery

5th Battalion, Miss. Inf. (Kilpatrick's)

4th Battalion, Miss. Cavalry

Brown's Battery

5th Regt, Miss. Inf.

4th Regt, Mississippi Cavalry

Buckner Battery

5th Regt, 4th Bd, State Militia


6th Bn, Miss. Inf. (Orr's) 

5th Regt, Miss. Cavalry

Byrne's Battery


6th Bn. State Troops Cav. (Forrest's)


6th Bn, Miss. Inf. (Balfour's)

6th Mississippi State Cavalry

Cameron's Battery

6th Regt, Miss. Inf.

6th Regt, Miss. Cavalry

Capt. Graves's Co., Issaquena Artillery

7th Battalion, Miss. Inf. (Terral's)

7th Regt, Miss. Cavalry

Chickasawhay Desperadoes

7th Regt, Mississippi Infantry

7th Mississippi Cavalry (Ham's)

Cook's Company of Horse Artillery

8th Bn, Consolidated Miss. Inf.

8th Confederate Cavalry

Confederate Guards Artillery

8th Regt, Miss. Inf.

8th Regt, Miss. Cavalry


9th Bn, Mississippi Sharpshooters

9th Regt, Mississippi Cavalry (Miller's)

Culbertson's Battery

9th Consolidated Miss. Inf.

10th Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry

Darden's Artillery

9th Regt, Miss. Inf.

11th Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry (Perrin's)

English's Company of Light Artillery


11th Mississippi Cavalry (Ashcraft's)


10th Regt, Miss. Inf.

12th Battalion, Mississippi Cavalry


11th Regt, Miss. Inf

12th Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry

Grisham's Battery

12th Regt, Mississippi Infantry

14th Confederate Cavalry

Holt's Battery


16th Bn State Cavalry (Ham's)


13th Battalion, Miss. Inf. (Harper's)

16th Mississipppi Cavalry

Hoole's Battery

13th Regt, Miss. Inf.

17th Battalion, Miss.Cav

Hoskins' Battery

14th Consolidated Miss. Inf.

18th Battalion, Mississippi Cavalry

Hudson's Battery

14th Regt, Miss. Inf.

18th Regt, Mississippi Cavalry


15th Bn, Mississippi Sharpshooters

19th Battalion, Miss. Cav. (Duff's)


15th Regt, Miss. Inf.

19th Battalion, Miss. Cav. (George's)

Jackson Artillery

16th Regt, Miss. Inf.

23rd Battalion, Miss. Cav.

Jefferson Flying Artillery

17th Regt, Miss. Inf.

24th Battalion Miss. Cav


18th Regt, Miss. Inf.

28th Regt, Mississippi Cavalry

Kerr's Artillery

19th Regt, Miss. Inf.

Alfred Davis Guards


20th Regt, Miss. Inf.

Ala. & Miss. Bn. Confederate Cav.

Lomax's Company Light Artillery


Armstrong's Cavalry Company


21st Regt, Miss. Inf.

Ashcraft's Battalion State Cavalry

Lovell's Battery


Ashcraft's Consolidated Miss. Cavalry


Ashcraft's Mississippi Cavalry


22nd Regt, Miss. Inf.

Ballentine's Mississippi Cavalry

Madison Light Artillery

23rd Regt, Miss. Infantry

Baxter's Battalion of Miss. Cav.

McLendon's Battery


Blythe's Cavalry


24th Consolidated Miss. Inf.

Bradford's Scouts

Merrin's Battery

24th Regt, Miss. Inf.

Breckinridge Escort Cavalry


25th Regt, Miss. Inf.

Breckinridge Guards


Davenport's Battalion Miss. Cavalry


Davenport's Bn. Miss. State Cavalry


Dunn's Battalion of Rangers


Forrest's Bn. State Troops Cav.


Gamblin's Miss. State Cavalry Bn.


26th Regt, Miss. Inf.

Garland's Battalion of Miss. Cav.


27th Regt, Miss. Infantry

Gholson's Independent Cavalry Bde.

Purdom's Artillery

28th Mississippi Infantry

Gordon's Battalion of Miss. Cav.


Ham's 1st Bn. Miss. State Cavalry


Ham's Mississippi Cavalry


29th Regt, Miss. Infantry

Harman's Confederate Cavalry


30th Regt, Miss. Inf.

Harman's Mississippi Cavalry


Harris' Battalion


31st Regt, Miss. Inf.

Harvey's Scouts


32nd Regt, Miss. Inf.

Henderson's Scouts





33rd Regt, Miss. Inf.

Hughes' Battalion of Miss. Cav

Pettus Flying Artillery

34th Regt, Miss. Inf.

Jeff Davis Legion


35th Regt, Miss. Inf.

Johnson's Cavalry Company


36th Regt, Miss. Inf.

Lay's Mississippi Cavalry

Quitman Light Artillery (Jackson)

37th Regt, Miss. Inf.

Lovell Rangers



Matthew's Battalion State Cavalry


38th Regt, Miss. Inf.

McGuirk's Cavalry

Quitman Light Artillery (Natchez)

39th Regt, Miss. Inf.

Mississippi State Troops Cavalry

Richard's Battery


Montgomery's Battalion State Cavalry


Montgomery's Independent Company of Scouts


40th Regt, Miss. Inf.

Moorman's Battalion of Miss. Cav.

Roberts' Battery


Morphis' Independent Co. of Scouts


Outlaw's Bn. Partisan Rangers


Perrin's Bn. State Troops Cavalry


Peyton's Battalion of Cavalry


41st Regt, Miss. Inf.

Pope Walker Bn. of Miss. Cav.


42nd Regt, Miss. Inf.


Seven Stars Artillery

43rd Regt, Miss. Inf.

Powers Regt, Miss. & La. Cavalry


44th Regt, Miss. Inf.

Raum's Mississippi Cavalry

Stanford's Battery

45th Regt, Miss. Infantry

Saunder's Bn., Mississippi Cavalry

Stanford's Light Artillery

46th Regt, Miss. Inf.

Smith's Regt Partisan Rangers

Swett's Battery

47th Mississippi Infantry



48th Regt, Miss. Inf.

Steede's Bn. Mounted Partisan Rangers

Tull's Battery


Street's Battalion of Cavalry


49th Mississippi Infantry

Stockdale's Bn. of Miss. Cav.

Turner's Company of Light Artillery

Abert's Volunteer Regiment

Stubbs' Battalion State Cav. Reserves

Vicksburg Light Artillery

Army of 10,000


Ward's Battery

Battalion for Coast Defense

Various Companies of State Troops

Warren Light Artillery

Claiborne Light Infantry


Watson Battery

Local Defense Companies



Minute Men

Warren Dragoons

Yates' Battery

Mississippi State Troops Infantry



Pound's Battalion of MS Sharpshooters

Yazoo Battalion of Cavalry


"The Principle for which we contend is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form."
President Jefferson Davis, CSA

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