Various Companies of State Troops


(from Dunbar Rowland’s "Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898"; company listing courtesy of H. Grady Howell’s "For Dixie Land, I’ll Take My Stand’)


Henley's Invincibles, enlisted at Biloxi, 5 July, 1861.

Captain -- John L. Henley.

Enlisted men, 35. On duty 26 days in July, 1861. This company served on board the Confederate steamer "Oregon," in Mississippi Sound.


Lexington Guards, independent company, of Holmes County, organized 21 April, 1861.

Captain -- L. R. Page.

Lieutenants -- Arthur Doyle, George M. Cole, Cass Oltenburg.


Pope Guards, independent company, of Panola County, organized 23 April, 1862.

Captain -- James J. Houston.

Lieutenants -- Frank M. Pugh, William H. Wray, William J. Brandon.


 Herndon Rangers, Lieut. Montgomery; Mississippi Rangers, Capt.. W. B. Peery; Gholson Guards, Capt. T. C. Bookter, and companies of Capts. J. T. Weatherall, J. A. Hartin, J. H. Buford, B. F. Saunders and Hall (also Captains Thames, disbanded; and Red, gone into Confederate service), mentioned as unattached companies in Adjutant-General's report of November, 1863. "Captains Weatherall's, Peery's and Herden's unattached companies; Perrin's Battalion, and Hartin's, Red's, Hall's, Saunder's and Bookter's companies, organized under a call of Gen. J. E. Johnston, and now in service, are not to be interfered with, and the conscripts now in them, by direction of the President, are to remain till the term of service of these troops are expired....[They] are under the orders of the Confederate authorities....[They will be] Paid and rationed by the Confederate States." (Orders of Gen. S. D. Lee, September, 1863. Most of these companies will be found included in the regiments under the head of Minute Men and Gholson's Brigade.


Attala County Cavalry, organized 8 August, 1863; six months. Captain -- J. H. Buford.

Lieutenants -- J. B. Talor, James Meigs, T. W. Buford.

Enrolled, 48.


Dixie Rangers, of Banner, organized 20 June, 1863.

Captain -- J. A. Hartin.

Lieutenants -- James C. Kennedy, D. A. Tyre, W. H. Thornton.


Yalobusha Rangers, organized as independent company 11 April, 1863.

Captain -- A. B. Fly.

Lieutenants -- G. Q. Martin, Jesse Pipkin, R. J. Lacy.


Senatobia Rangers, of De Soto County, organized as independent State cavalry 28 July, 1862.

Captain -- James E. Matthews.

Lieutenants -- A. G. Jackson, J. G. Smith, John H. Spring(?).


Sunflower Rangers, of Sunflower County, organized as independent cavalry 9 August, 1862.

Captain -- A. H. Farrar.

Lieutenants -- S. H. Rogers, F. W. Goff, D. C. Portwood.


Crump Avengers, of Panola County, organized as partisan rangers 16 August, 1862.

Captain -- Samuel Matthews.

Lieutenants -- G. W. Nelson, Samuel Z. Williamson, George W. Bonner. Original roll, 62.


Lafayette Cavalry, organized as independent company 18 October, 1862.

Captain -- D. W. Rogers.

Lieutenants -- B. M. Mitchell, J. L. Pitman, J. C. Murray.


Hunt Rangers, organized in De Soto County 12 March, 1863.

Captain -- Williamson Hunt.

Lieutenants -- Alexander Hay, John T. Hunt, Thomas Ruffin.


 Rebel Troop, Holmes County, independent cavalry, organized July, 1862.

Captain -- R. L. Adams.

Lieutenants -- L. W. Red, James M. Wilson, H. Harrington.


Yalobusha Company, organized 1 June, 1862.

Captain -- W. J. Owens.

Lieutenants -- J. T. Fly, W. D. Robertson, J. M. York.


Kilpatrick's Company, enlisted at Camp Gholson July, 1863.

Captain -- William Kilpatrick.

First Lieutenant -- W. G. Halbert.

Enrolled, 35.


Attala Rangers, organized 11 July, 1862. Minute Men.

Captain -- Samuel Williams.

First Lieutenant -- S. G. Jennings.

Second Lieutenant -- R. M. Harris.

Third Lieutenant -- Wiley Holly.


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