(from “Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898,” by Dunbar Rowland)

Of Copiah County, officers commissioned by Governor May 14, 1861; enlisted at Hazelhurst September 1, 1861.

Captains--Hezekiah G. D. Brown, Calvit Roberts.

First Lieutenant--Calvit Roberts.

Junior First Lieutenant--John E. Butler. Second Lieutenant--Micajah D. Wade. First Sergeant--William H. Thompson. Enrolled, 114.

Captain Calvit Roberts' company, aggregate present, 77, at Port Hudson. report of August 31, 1862; assigned to Maxey's Brigade, January, 18b63, in the breastworks at Port Hudson; Lieut. F. W. Coleman in command April 3o, 1863. Roberts' Battery temporarily assigned to Colonel Miles' line on the breastworks, May 15. Two guns of Roberts' Battery were with Col. John L. Logan in the fight at Plains' Store, May 21, at the beginning of the siege of Port Hudson, and continued with his command, headquarters at Clinton, La. The other section was in the lines during the siege. Colonel Brand, commanding right wing, reported one man of the battery wounded June 26. That part of the battery surrendered July 8 and paroled, was commanded at parole by Lieut. F. G. W. Coleman.

The section with Colonel Logan served with that command in Louisiana and Mississippi; with Logan's Cavalry in several skirmishes with Winslow' Federal Cavalry during McPherson's reconnaissance from Vicksburg toward Canton, October 15-19, 1863. Winslow reported a severe fight near Brownsville, October 15, in which the Fifth Illinois was thrown in much confusion, while Logan gave most importance to the fight near Livingston, October 16, where he claimed a substantial check to the enemy. In this battle the artillery was effectively engaged. Later in 1863, mentioned as attached to Griffith's Brigade of Jackson's Cavalry; early in 1864, Roberts' Battery attached to Wirt Adams' Brigade of Cavalry.