Ashcraft’s Mississippi Cavalry,

aka 11th Mississippi Cavalry (Ashcraft’s)

(from Dunbar Rowland’s “Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898”; company listing courtesy of H. Grady Howell’s “For Dixie Land, I’ll Take My Stand’)

Company A -- Volunteer Cavalry of Tishomingo County (raised in Tishomingo County, MS)

Company B -- Cole’s Company (raised in Pontotoc County, MS) [also listed as Co. E]

Company C -- Wood’s Company (raised in Pontotoc County, MS)

Company D -- Davis’ Company (raised in Itawamba County, MS)

Company E -- Fears’ Company (raised in Pontotoc County, MS)

Company F -- Patton’s Company (raised in Pontotoc County, MS)

Company G -- Kohlheims’ Company (raised in Itawamba County, MS)

Company H -- Rye’s Company (raised in Itawamba & Pontotoc Counties, MS)

Company I -- Thurmond’s Company (county of origin not specified)

Company K -- Sallis’ Company (county of origin not specified)

Colonel -- Thomas C. Ashcraft. Lieutenant-Colonel -- Thomas W. Harris. Major -- E.L. Hankins.

This regiment was formed in June, 1864, from the consolidation of Ashcraft's and Harris' Battalions, and Carpenter's company (Co. A, Volunteer Cavalry), transferred to the Confederate States service May 1, 1864, as a part of Gholson's Brigade in Northeast Mississippi. The brigade was then under the command of General Forrest, but about the time of the consolidation was assigned to the command of Gen. Wirt Adams, in Western Mississippi. They were detached from Adams just before General Slocum made his raid on Jackson from Vicksburg, but joined Adams north of the city May 5, and took part in the attacks on the Federal column between Jackson and Clinton, as it started on the return march July 6-7. Casualties, 7 wounded.

July 28 the brigade, dismounted, was fighting in the battle of Ezra Church, west of Atlanta, Ga., with Gen. S. D. Lee's Corps. Major Hankins was in command of the regiment. Among the killed were Captain Carpenter, commanding Company A; and among the wounded Lieutenant Lankford of Company B, Captain Sailis, Lieutenant Harper, Captain Patton. Casualties of regiment, 4 killed, 37 wounded. (See Third Regiment, McGuirk.) The brigade served as cavalry throughout that campaign and during Hood's advance into North Georgia. In December General Gholson, with a small command, was in battle with Grierson's raiders at Egypt [MS]. (See Second Cavalry, Lowry).

The brigade was consolidated early in 1865 while near Columbus, Miss., as Ashcraft's Consolidated Regiment (which see).

See also 3rd Battalion Mississippi State Cavalry (Ashcraft’s).