Ashcraft’s Consolidated Mississippi Cavalry

(from Dunbar Rowland’s “Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898”; company listing courtesy of H. Grady Howell’s “For Dixie Land, I’ll Take My Stand’)

Company A -- Brownrigg’s Company [made up of Companies B, D, E, & G of Lowry’s Consolidated Regiment]

Company B -- Bynum’s Company (raised in Tippah County, MS) [formerly Co. A of Ham’s Regiment]

Company C -- Wallis’ Company (raised in Tishomingo County, MS) [made up of Companies C, D, E, G, I, & K of Ham’s Regiment]

Company D -- Lowry’s Company (county of origin not stated) [formerly Co. L of Lowry’s Regiment]

Company E -- Cole’s Company (raised in Pontotoc County, MS) [formerly Co. B of Ashcraft’s Regiment]

Company F -- Fears’ Company (raised in Pontotoc County, MS) [made up of Companies D, E, G, & K of Ashcraft’s Regiment]

Company G -- Woods’ Company (raised in Pontotoc County, MS) [formerly Co. C of Ashcraft’s Regiment]

Company H -- Howard’s Company (raised in Itawamba County, MS) [formerly Co. F, Ham’s Regiment]

Company I -- Rye’s Company (raised in Itawamba & Pontotoc Counties, MS) [formerly Co. I of Ashcraft’s Regiment]

Company K -- Gilleylen’s Company (raised in County, MS) [made up of Companies A, F, & H of Lowry’s Regiment]

Colonel -- Thomas C. Ashcraft. Lieutenant-Colonel -- W.P. Curlee. Major -- L.L. Marshall.

February 18, 1865, General Chalmers ordered Colonel Lowry, commanding Gholson's Brigade, to consolidate the same into one regiment to be commanded by Colonel Ashcraft.

Assigned to Armstrong's Brigade, Chalmers' Cavalry, February, 1865. March 20, General Chalmers announced his organization of the regiment as above given.

The regiment was with Armstrong's Brigade in the campaign occasioned by the raid of Gen. J. H. Wilson through Alabama and Georgia, April and May, 1865. The brigade made a gallant and stubborn defense of the works at Selma, Ala., April 2, 1865, fighting as infantry, and many were killed, wounded and captured. Those who escaped returned to their homes and were paroled under the capitulation of May 4 by Lieut.Gen. Richard Taylor.