5th Regiment, 4th Brigade, State Militia


(from Dunbar Rowland’s "Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898"; company listing courtesy of H. Grady Howell’s "For Dixie Land, I’ll Take My Stand’)


This unit is known only from the following correspondence, mentioned in Rowland, and extracted here from the Official Records of the War of Northern Aggression:


"RICHMOND, VA., April 4, 1863.

His Excellency JOHN J. PETTUS,
Jackson, Miss.:

SIR: I have recently received a memorial signed by nearly 200 of the rank and file of the Fifth Regiment, Fourth Brigade, Mississippi State Militia, stating that they are not liable to conscription; that they have been in service eight months, and that their families will be reduced to distress unless they are allowed to return home to plant the crops for the coming season, and expressing the opinion that their services in camp are but little benefit either to the State or the Confederacy. The militia is the creature of State laws, and the petitioners should properly have forwarded this memorial to you. But as they have seen fit to address themselves to me, I respectfully invite your attention to the subject. An organization by the State of exempts to be held ready for an emergency would aid the Government, without affecting injuriously the agricultural interests, but it is feared that to continue them now in service may bring us our worst fears, the want of food. Not knowing the precise condition of things, or what it will be when this reaches you, I can only suggest the propriety of discharging the militia, except those subject to conscription, until absolutely required. The conscripts could then be transferred to the Mississippi regiments now in the Confederate service.

Very respectfully and truly, yours,




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