18th Mississippi Cavalry

(formed from the 18th Battalion MS Cavalry, the 5th MS Cavalry, and Saunders’ Battalion)


(from Dunbar Rowland’s "Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898"; company listing courtesy of H. Grady Howell’s "For Dixie Land, I’ll Take My Stand’)


Company A -- Wimberly’s Company (raised in Marshall County, MS)

Company B -- Porter’s Partisans, aka Porter’s Company Mississippi Partisan Rangers, and Coahoma Cavalry (raised in Coahoma County, MS)

Company C -- Carroll’s Company (raised in DeSoto, Marshall, Panola, & Yalobusha Counties, MS)

Company D -- Smith Rangers (raised in Tippah County, MS)

Company E -- Middleton’s Company (raised in Panola County, MS)

Company F -- Pettus Rangers (raised in DeSoto & Panola Counties, MS)

Company G -- Perry’s Company (raised in Panola County, MS)

Company H -- Peach Creek Rangers (raised in DeSoto & Panola Counties, MS)

Company I -- Love’s Company [formerly Co. E, 5th MS Cavalry] (raised in Attala County, MS)

Company K -- Hill’s Company (raised in DeSoto County, MS)

Company L -- no name specified (raised in Tallahatchie County, MS)


[Transcriber’s Note: This was a very late-war, consolidated regiment; accordingly, the histories of its component organizations are listed separately. See 18th Battalion MS Cavalry (Chalmers’), 5th MS Cavalry, and Saunders’ Battalion (aka Saunders’ Scouts.)]

Colonel -- Alexander H. Chalmers. Lieutenant-Colonel -- J. Waverly Smith. Major -- W.J. Floyd.

This regiment was formed March 16, 1865, by the consolidation of the Eighteenth Battalion, Fifth Regiment, and Saunders’ Scouts.

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